Hello lovely people!

Before jumping into the WHAT and HOW I'd like to start with the WHY. At first glance, my skills (WHAT) and approaches (HOW) seem to be quite interchangeable with potentially dozens of equally qualified people out there. So what is it that differentiates me from these other folks in the wild?

In actual fact I do love my job! During my long-standing work experience in brilliant companies, I shaped my professional but also personal profile – constantly searching for the optimum between quality and efficiency as well as fair, loyal and enthusiastic team work.

As a team leader of developers and a thoughtful technical director at Jung von Matt I appreciated how cooperative, empathetic and most of all passionate me and my colleagues were doing our jobs. Was it generating creative ideas non-stop, managing clients and projects with heart and soul or developing state-of-the-art web applications: People at JvM really reach for excellent results and "we remain dissatisfied" – one of JvM’s core principles – was not a mere cliche. This standard I adopted into my own working policy.

In contrast, my career stopovers at IBM were different in terms of work approaches, used technologies and project goals. But there too the people made the difference! An "IBMer" is proud to work at Big Blue and I've met people from all over the world with various backgrounds in terms of culture and profession. Putting so much effort into high-end tech always fascinated me and my colleagues were brilliant thinkers when it came to complex systems and architectures.

7 years IBM 7 years JvM

Probably, it has been these opposing working strategies which made it difficult for me to decide whether to work in the big corporate or the creative field. Both domains have their advantages and disadvantages - for sure. But why not combine the best of both worlds and mix it with some more of my personal values? That´s why I concluded that in 2019 for me it was time for a change. To make a change. To create something new and meaningful.

So here I am, wanting to get to know new people, exploring new ways of thinking and working as well as new approaches of building something with real value!

If you would like to work with me, let's meet, let's discuss, let's collaborate and make innovative business together.

Here's what I do:

Engineering Management

team and client leadership

Engineering Management

analysis, implementation and optimization of processes for project management and workflows

Engineering Management

evaluation and leading of service providers

Digital Consulting

tutoring, training and speaking at events

Digital Consulting

technical analyzes in early project phases and ideation situations

Digital Consulting

conception and prototyping of digital and interactive products

Digital Consulting

consulting and evaluation of emerging and transformational technology

Front-end Development

technical architecture and (front end) development

Main work areas

Buzzwords to check off the list

Product & Team Management

Leadership, Communication, Time Management, Risk Management, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, DevOps

Front-end Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript / TypeScript (Vanilla / ESNext, Angular, React, Vue, etc.), AMP, PWA, Hybrid App Development, Responsive Design, Performance Optimization, SEO, Accessibility, etc.

Back-end Development

Node.js, Java, PHP, MySQL, NoSQL Databases

Content Management Solutions

Neos CMS, Wordpress, FirstSpirit, WebSphere Portal Server, Shopware, Contentful, Moodle, etc.

Technical Concept

Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Wireframes / Mockups (Balsamiq, Axure, InVision)

Other Technical Skills & Tools

Data Analytics, AWS, IBM Bluemix, IBM Watson Suite, Natural Language Processing, Voice Assistant Frameworks, AI Technology, Hosting & Infrastructure Setup, Continuous Integration & Delivery, Arduino, MS Office, GSuite, Adobe Suite, Atlassian Suite, Unix, Git, etc.


Fluent in English and German, basic knowledge in French

Brands I used to work for

Here's how I work:

conducting rapid and lifelong learning and knowledge sharing

working as an enthusiastically and creative mind as well as an empathic, loyal and fair-minded team player

providing passionate team leading and people management

being an inherent part of interdisciplinary teams

empowering people and teams by conducting workshop and giving presentations

emphasizing new ways of working

appreciating sense of humour, empathy, transparency and honesty

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